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Headshot cMeet Naomi Cook, the Founder of Project Starseed:

“Hello everyone! Thank you for popping over here to check out Project Starseed and also for your interest in checking me out!

I know in the Disclosure circles there is, for good reason, a lot of fear and paranoia in discussing and sharing secret ET, UFO and intergalactic information. The good thing is, there is nothing secretive about this site, this project or me!

In short, I’m a mum of two, Former Registered Nurse, Author: my memoir How She Healed Me is now available on Amazon. I also write children’s books, aimed at inspiring and empowering children to harness their own health and wellbeing, check out The Little Bush Nurse. I am also a Reiki practitioner, ASEA business partner and fledgling kid’s You Tuber check out Muddy Earthlings here.

The hyperlinks will take you to those sites meanwhile, if you are still worried here are my Facebook pages, including my personal profile, where most of my posts are set to ‘Public’.

Naomi Cook

Naomi Cook Former Registered Nurse

The Little Bush Nurse

Project Starseed

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There may well be millions of ‘Starseed’ incarnate here on Earth right now – each with a special task to undertake and facilitate. It is my intention through creating this database that we gently place our energies away from the ‘push’ for Disclosure to a personal revelation of the truths surrounding our Intergalactic Heritage.

Why? Some of you may ask – the answer is simple: By purposefully keeping ourselves within an energy pattern of ‘pushing for’ or ‘needing’ by the laws of the Universe we create or manifest a tomorrow with the same energies – the same reality unfolds, like groundhog day.

In addition to this is the fact is that being in opposition to what may be perceived as a ‘stronger force then you’ i.e the Elite or Global Governments we are reinforcing Duality and Polarity – not Unity.

How can a Unity Consciousness and Global Integration with the Intergalactic communities even occur with this battle for truth going on here on Earth? When there is a war, be it physical or for information – there is no peace. There is no Unity. Instead the change and change of focus must start within each and everyone of us.

To commence Global Unity Consciousness, we each have a role to play as an Awakened Starseed who simply knows they are a part of a much bigger picture. By ‘coming out’ firstly to ourselves on our Inner Truths, we can slowly then ‘come out’ as a group who feels and knows themselves to have Intergalactic Histories and maybe intergalactic Origins. The knock on effect will be two fold – firstly as conscious entities we are constantly ‘feeding back’ to the greater Consciousness which means our thought patterns will impact upon the thoughts of others – Sheldrake’s ‘Morphic Resonance’. Secondly by placing our Energies into this group and emerging truths as headcount numbers increase our ‘reality’ will change and mould around us: Disclosure won’t be the focus but will occur as a side effect or by product of this.

I hope this resonates with you – please do get in touch or connect with me online in some shape or form. I look forward to adding you to the database and to communicating with you in the future.

Naomi xxx