5G Rollout & Starseeds: What can we do?

We are on a timeline where there is an unfolding of a new technology – 5G. Studies reveal that 5G potentially has catastrophic health consequences for not just humans but also animals, insectary and plant life.

What I want to discuss here is

  1. Why we shouldn’t/needn’t be AFRAID
  2. Our Energetics/frequency underlying our action to reduce/expose the dangers of 5G
  3. How to mitigate potentially harmful effects of 5G in the interim.

5G is Harmful 

It has been scientifically proven that 5G is harmful to living organisms – for a detailed list of reports and studies that discuss this please read through this superb appeal and collection of information: 5g Space Appeal.

Here is an extract:

“Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals, and epidemiological evidence that the major diseases of modern civilization—cancer, heart disease and diabetes—are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution, forms a literature base of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.”

5G radiation is different to 4G:

In addition to these facts, there are companies applying to put 1000’s of giant 5G emitting satellites in space (more on that in 5G Space Appeal). This would mean that there would be very few or no areas on the planet where any living organism could escape 5G EMF/radiation. By the way, you probably already know this but 5G emits artificial EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) – EMFs are all around us and can be natural or artificial.

For the less scientific this is what Earth Calm say:

“The problem with man-made EMFs is that they are produced at speeds and intervals that are not consistent with the bioelectric rhythms of our bodies. To make matters worse, there are typically hundreds of conflicting sources in any given area at once! It has been determined that our cells are able to receive this electrically chaotic information, which can ultimately disrupt many of our natural physical processes. Over the decades, scientists and doctors across the globe have established a clear link between cellular disruption and hundreds of chronic disorders, illnesses, and even diseases. Given the age we live in, it has never been more important to protect yourself against this environmental toxin.”

It is already known that artificial EMFs are damaging to DNA however 5G will also function differently due to its specific mode of action and the envisaged set up. 5G will be able penetrate deep into bodily tissues down to organ and bone depth:

“Another, potentially more serious error is that phased arrays are not ordinary antennas. When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow. But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that reradiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body.”


For those with a good background in science here is a brief this summary from Nature (the full article goes into great detail, but is beyond my level of understanding – this below, I can just about understand!!):

“…polarized EMFs/EMR, such as every type of man-made EMF, have the ability to create interference effects and amplify their field intensities at specific locations where constructive interference occurs, and that this phenomenon cannot occur with natural EMFs/EMR which are not polarised.”

“Any location at equal distances from identical sources (antennas), in other words any location along the midperpendicular to the distance dbetween the two sources, is a location of constructive interference and increased field and wave intensities. As the number of sources (e.g. antennas) increases, the amplification of the resultant field intensities (E, B) at certain locations increases too..”

“The result of field superposition at those locations are standing waves (i.e. they do not change with time) when the two or more sources of the same polarization are in addition coherent (i.e. same frequency, same phase difference). Within biological tissue, at those locations of constructive interference we can have increased biological activity due to the polarized EMFs.

The most usual case is, when the multiple incident fields/waves are of the same polarization but not coherent (i.e. different frequency and/or varying phase difference), as e.g. the waves from all different radio, television, and mobile telephony antennas vertically oriented. Then, the resultant fields/waves are not standing but timely varying, creating momentary constructive interference at unpredictably different locations each moment. This fact may represent an extraordinary ability of man-made/polarized EMFs to trigger biological effects.”

(Reference: Panagopoulos, D. J. et al. Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity. Sci. Rep. 5, 14914; doi: 10.1038/srep14914 (2015).

Why 5G?

An evolving race seeks speed and efficacy – the new 5G network will enable complex ‘heavy’ online tasks and programs to occur in an instant. We have progressively seen increased speed and ‘net’ ability to complete complex tasks in our history (SMS – 3G, Facetime, ‘Live Streaming’ with 4G, faster loading abilities etc). An evolving species seek improvement – there is nothing wrong with that, however, because as a species our spiritual development/knowledge is lagging behind our intellectual development AND because our quantum/energetic scientific understandings of reality are lagging behind (or let’s say, less spoken about/topical in the mainstream) our stock standard 3D Newtonian mindset, technological developments like this are hurried through production and rollout without in depth research, questions, testings/observations (i.e on biological organisms). Because we can’t ‘see’ 5G (or 3/4G) affecting us, in 3D mindset such effects  ‘don’t exist’.

In addition, we have the dominance of controlling global corporates, corrupt government funding schemes and mass mainstream media silence on things that rock the boat or step away from mainsteam 3D mindsets.

“Stakeholders thus far in the development of 5G have been industry and governments, while renowned international EMF scientists who have documented biological effects on humans, animals, insects and plants, and alarming effects on health and the environment in thousands of peer-reviewed studies have been excluded”

All the while the mainstream population spoon feed themselves with mind numbing visual and auditory trash halting their ability to stop and objectively notice and question what is going on around them…

Dark Agenda?

Our cosmic crowds and groups may also see the hand of Dark Agenda (humans and negative STS – Service to Self – Extra Terrestrials) playing role in the unfolding of 5G. This perspective would anticipate the impact of 5G to act as a potential prison like web due to its global and spatial omnipresence: mass manipulation, consciousness (mind) control. This is particularly interesting because we are, at this time, ascending into a higher density (4ThDensity, some say 5th Dimension). At this point in our evolution our DNA is, according to most cosmic spiritual sources, becoming activated so that we may continue to evolve into this higher density. It is perhaps no surprise then that for us, there is a physical manifestation (5G Rollout) that has the potential to halt this trajectory of global awakening and collective ascension into 4D creating a timeline split between Ascension to 4D vs a dystopian human future. A darker future that may be perhaps be similar to the one we hear of in Zeta or Grey histories – the history Bashar speaks of his people going through which ended with absent reproduction ability, cloning etc.


Are we victims to Dark Agenda and 5G?

We are not victims to anything because we have created every circumstance we encounter.

Everything we experience is or has been chosen on a higher level and is brought into manifestation via our choice and desire to experience it, even if it seems totally screwed up. The choice is made via a frequency we set and become (or vice versa. Or both). That frequency attracts and brings into being the unique and relevant 3D storyline that fits the vibration. Recognising this is remembering you are Source, you are Creator: Recognising and remembering this is Owning Your Sovereignty. For more on recognising the Sovereign Self amidst the darkness we have historically associated as separate from us read this Forgiving the Cabal: The next step in our Ascension.

OK, so we aren’t victims but in my immediate sense of self, I don’t want to manifest this timeline anymore, what can we do now?

Recognising we have brought a timeline into manifestation for a higher reason (experience, growth etc) is the first step to manifesting and co-creating a different one. But because we manifest and create via frequency we must be sure that our frequency is first bliss based and coherent: being in a state of Unconditional Love and frequently generating feelings of bliss (see Dan Winter and Grayham Forscutt’s work for more on the physics of ascension). Being in this frequency means ‘letting go’ of outcomes, this means KNOWING on a lower and higher level that everything is Perfect As It Is… Unconditional love is frictionless waveform data i.e there is no clashing of waves, no wave interference – in my mind, this is ‘free will’. Thus we enter into the state of unconditional love, set our intentions for timelines that excite us and LET GO, allowing and knowing that things will unfold freely for our best and highest good NO MATTER WHAT may ‘look’ like.

But this doesn’t mean we sit on our arses and do nothing.

Holding the frequency of Love and Bliss is a discipline, a spiritual practice which takes work. Thus in 3D we do and must take actions that perpetuate this frequency for us, because there is feedback / a feedback loop of what we project, what we do and what we experience – we all know this intuitively and from experience. In the context of maintaining bliss based frequencies whilst dealing with the ‘scary’ vision and experience of a 5G Rollout this may mean educating community members, consulting with local MPs, researching devices that help to mitigate the effects of 5G as well as working on personal energy fields/emotions to generate bliss and stay in the frequency of unconditional love as much as possible etc in order to help bring forth the timeline from blueprint into ‘reification.’ (…Allowing for Free Will and acknowledging that everything is Perfect As It Is).

This approach may involve using devices or products to help mitigate and neutralise the effects of 5G – we could use the word ‘protective gear’ if we wanted but some of us may find that word specifically serves to reinforce the frequency of ‘attack’. For the purposes of working to embrace/ recognise Sovereignty it may better serve us to use words such as neutralisation/mitigation/ transmutation as opposed to ‘weaponry’ and ‘protection’. More on psychic protection here. You could go as far as to say ‘I know I am safe because I AM’ and this is absolutely true of course, in the grand scheme of infinity you are indeed indestructible. However what choices we make in this holographic 3D representation are slightly more loaded depending on subconscious beliefs and programming: I personally for example could not eat deadly poison ‘knowing’ that I will survive it, same with jumping off a cliff – yet, but there are humans out there who may be at this stage. So I am one human that needs to take 3D action to mitigate unwanted 5D effects, whereas as you will see here, I do not need ‘protection’ when meditating.

It is also worth mentioning that as awakened, high vibe Starseeds we have had habit of positively hijacking negative STS agendas for STOs (service to others) hehehehehe. We are the Positive Trojan Horse here and through our relentless optimism, hard work and self actualisation manage to use negative actions for our own positive agendas – this is a form of transmutation/alchemy on a 3/4D level. Take the internet itself – and Facebook and all the negative stuff people say about how we are being ‘spied’ on etc. Well this may be true but the negative aspects of being ‘spied’ on literally bounces off my personal auric fields as it may do you! We know there is WAY more positivity that has come out of the internet and the potential original agenda of control is moot for those recognising they are ascending 4D Starseeds: We hijacked the thing they wanted to use to control us and created another positive timeline whilst doing so. The same will happen with 5G – yes there may be challenges along the way and it won’t necessarily all be sunshine and roses because 3D/early 4D doesn’t work like that but ultimately I believe good will come out of it – how can it not – when we are here?

Taking Active Steps for Health: Devices and Crystals

Meanwhile, whilst we work on maintaining the frequency of unconditional love, manifesting the best and highest outcome for the spiritual and physical evolution of humanity we can take active steps to mitigate the impact of the potentially harmful effects of 5G.

Anecdotal Testing 

I am going to share my explorations but please bear in mind that these have currently been used only in the 4G and current WIFI EMF set ups and I don’t yet know how they will fare in 5G, nevertheless the conversation is worth having now. Also – I’ve purchased a decent Gauss Meter and will be conducting some home experiments with technological devices, crystals and Orgonite –filming the testing and sharing on the Facebook page and You Tube as an anecdotal scientific approach. Please like the public page and sign up I Am Starseed to be counted in the Starseed headcount and to receive the emails. You can simply ‘send’ to junk’ if you don’t want to read them but want to stay in the headcount.

Emitted EMFs vs Impact on the Body/Energy Fields = Different issues

N.B Firstly let’s talk briefly about testing strengths of emitted artificial EMF’s and reducing/transmuting those via devices vs the gathering the ability to assess what effect these waves have on us – in real time, not just cumulatively resulting in physical, chronic issues. Obviously these are two different things (the emitted EMFs and our response to them).

At this point in time there isn’t an established way to test the effects of potentially harmful artificial EMF waves and their effects on us on an energetic level – at least I haven’t found anyone who is doing this for work or research, let me know if you have. For this sort of testing we’d need real time energetic biofeedback devices with an established system that recognises or predicts an average daily norm of healthy frequency to get a baseline for any one individual. Also this baseline may be unique for any one person, but surely over time we’d be able to assemble an average.  Then, testing would/could be done instantly with exposure to artificial EMFs and also collated and recorded over the course of an hour/days/weeks. I’m interested in exploring Dan Winter’s Flameinmind system – this ground breaking piece of tech allows us to ‘see’ in real time when we are entering in coherent waveform brain states, including Golden Ratio. But we’d need to ask what happens to the entire body’s frequency when the brain is in a state of bliss, we assume a shift in whole frequency? In addition, I’ve looked briefly at another technology from the field of Bio Resonance called the Asyra Pro Machine which analyses and depicts energy/frequency all over the body. These sorts of technologies may be what we start using going forwards as the general population become more savvy with assessing and managing the effects of ‘unseen’ artificial EMF’s but as you can see I’m not 100% sure yet HOW they can used to create studies/trials.

So moving on from that slight deviation and doing the best and simplest we can do for now is quite crude – to simply measure the extent of artificial EMFs and attempt to reduce them via technological and or natural means because we currently understand that these waveforms are not optimum for healh and wellness.

Devices to Wear and for the Home:

Blu Shield and Earth Calm

I have personally just got the Earth Calm pendant and my kids the bracelets – feedback to come!

How do they actually work? The developers say this:

Earth Calm have studies behind their products –you can find their studies here.

On my wish list next is the Blu Shield Cube for our entire home.

Protector clothing can be found at Shield Apparel – this is the modern and cool version of the tin foil hat, expanded into a pretty funky clothing range. But how do we know if it works and how does it work? I.e because the items contain silver will they DELFECT the waves away only to intensify their impact somewhere else? I need to know more. But yes, I am open to later buying caps and beanies for myself and children if the 5G timeline accelerates and we find 5G everywhere.

There are also companies that use building products and materials to reduce levels of EMFs in homes, such as this one.

What about natural things like crystals and man-made orgonite?

Shungite – us crystal lovers have learnt about the effects of Shungite in neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF but so far my own knowledge base is based on hearsay, both from the net and from friends. So I would like this to be tested and verified objectively – I would love to cloak my home in beautiful natural pieces of Shungite over tech any day but would need to be 100% sure it would reduce artificial EMF exposure/mitigate the effects of artificial EMFs. This You Tube clip gives a clear demonstration of the efficacy of a piece of shungite used next to a microwave but there is no experimental ‘control’ i.e would a book placed in front of the meter provide the same results???

Orgone – An amazing creation, a combination of natural products including crystals and metals then packed into shapes and bound by resin. Some look absolutely stunning! But do they really work to mitigate/reduce/dissipate EMFs or the harmful effects of unwanted EMFs?  I have the same questions over efficacy here as I do for Shungite – and aim to conduct my own testing to the best of my ability.

OK guys – this is all I’ve got for now – it’s a HUGE topic and I don’t have the scientific background to remotely attempt writing something more sophisticated than this. All I can say this, I am very passionate about this topic, it generates an excitement (to DO something), this article is just a starting point. I also hope to inspire you/us Starseeds to work together collectively to help reduce and eliminate fears that may (understandably) arise as this timeline unfolds. I hope it’s helpful, please do share your own knowledge base – we can also then perhaps assimilate material for Project Starseed Academy (launching soon). Keep in touch! Naomi x

Naomi Cook  is the Founder of Project Starseed, which is a global movement aiming to increase cosmic and unity consciousness, working to co-create exciting new timelines, including Star Family Integration. She invites Awakened Starseeds’ and the Cosmically Conscious to sign up to join and re/pro/claim their inter/galactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to spiritual transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ after her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, suffering catastrophic fallout after the surgery – you can find it on Amazon here.

She is a Philosophy graduate and blogs her contemplative journey to health and wellness at www.nursenaomi.com. Her empowering health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at www.thelittlebushnurse.com.  

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her energy healing skype consults here.

She loves everything and anything Cosmic, Figure Skating, Dark Organic Chocolate and Bunnies. 

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