Why I am not a Truth Seeker

When I woke up, I gave myself the title ‘Truth Seeker’ – many of us do, in fact it seems almost the ‘done thing’, part of the ‘awakened tribe’ lingo. But it didn’t take me long to realise I would never find what I was looking for – here I will have a look at this term ‘Truth Seeker’ and explain how  identifying with the energy or frequency of ‘seeking’ isn’t necessarily compatible with finding. This is all fine and good if you are happy with that – but some of us are perhaps ready to be in the state of ‘finding truth’ now – as opposed to being in the relentless search for it. I’ll also have a peek at the meaning of truth and knowledge – opening the door for you to ponder and share your thoughts!

Energetic Short Circuits/Groundhog Days

I’ve written about the energetic states of persistence/resistance, the truth seeker energetic short circuit is same we may observe in the ‘light worker, light warrior‘ identities. Cyclical energetic cycles or circuitry must necessarily project more of the same (what you resist, persists or in this case perhaps we could say ‘what you insist on persisting will indeed, persist). In this case, rather than eternally perpetuating an infinity of light vs dark (more on that here), the truth seeker however incessantly searches and perpetuates his/her search for truth and due to his/her frequency of “being in an energetic state of seeking” is unable to find it. This energy can be tireless, restless and as we see in the Disclosure movements, often dramatic and therefore energetically attractive to those seeking excitement. I’m not saying ‘seeking’ is bad – it’s a natural state of being for a curious creator experiencing itself (in fractals such as us) and is a valid, awesome experience! Yet if it’s TRUTH we are hoping to find, the chances are we won’t – so long as we fail to recognise that our frequency (of seeking) will create a tomorrow of the same.

To experience and co-create that which we desire we must first embody the frequency of what it is we want to create. 

I am not a truth seeker – I am the perpetual finder and embodiment of all truths I need and wish to know, require to know, at any point in time. Relevant truths come to me when I command them into knowing/remembrance on all levels of my being.  I also know, ultimately that the ‘grand’ Truth of All That Is, cannot be ‘known.’ The paradox then is that I know I do not know…

“If you think you understand Braham, you do not  understand and have yet to be instructed further.

If you know that you don’t understand then you truly know.

For the Braham is unknown to those who know it-

And known to those who know it not.” – Alan Watts (is he quoting someone else?)

What do we Know?

Everything we experience and therefore know is on some level a ‘perspective’ – to ‘know’ something we must notice/perceive it either ‘externally’ or ‘internally’ (there are some differences between these two in our 3D reality but is there an ultimate difference between these two?? A higher density perspective would most likely say no!). But this knowing is cyclical as everything that manifests in our viewpoints (perspectives, realities) do so due to belief systems and chosen perspectives which is of course inextricably linked to our frequency. I think therefore I AM. There is nowhere we can ‘go’ that isn’t within the confines of our Consciousness at the same time, our Consciousness isn’t confined because it is All That Is.

We think we ‘know’ the 3d world around us but do we? The Quantum viewpoint of the same things would look nothing like ours…How would a 6th Density perspective on our same 3D viewpoint look? This allows us to accept that ALL viewpoints are true, valid and real for those that espouse/experience them and these viewpoints, teachings, understandings of this 3d reality, 4d ascended reality, 5d, 6d and so on – are nothing BUT/ALL viewpoints, perspectives and understandings that may be scientifically or intuitively founded. But they needn’t necessarily be YOURS unless you choose them.

“We humans cannot easily accept this never-ending feeling of being unsettled somewhere deep inside. For most of us, the need for mental certainty results in our taking on a firm set of beliefs or values that provide a barrier against the doubt inside our minds…(BUT) The final resolution of logic lies outside the domain of logic. In this sense Truth comes as an Illumination from within rather than an answer from without. ”

…Truth/Inquiry/Doubt is the root of scientific thinking, it can be used to construct a false logical reality that gives the mind answers to doubt. When the logical mind is prevented from doubting it also stops evolving. Without doubt the logical mind is inherently unhealthy because it short circuits its own nature which is to keep asking questions.

…When logic moves to the extreme periphery of what can be known it meets paradox. The human logical mind is simply not designed to be certain of anything except paradox. Anyone or anything that purports to bring an end to your uncertainty through external means is selling falsity…your fear of uncertainty needs to be recognised and embraced because the deeper you can embrace uncertainty the closer you come to the transcendent.

– Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

We Inherit Realities 

We are bombarded in this spiritual scene with messages, reality constructs, theories of meaning, being, pathways to ascension, ways back to Source, story upon story to consider, review and chose whether to believe it or not and upon believing it – then moulding our reality to suit that belief – accentuating it’s feeling of ‘being real’ or true for  us. This becomes ingrained and we forget that the reality we are living/way we see the world didn’t happen to us but was chosen by us. We get confused sometimes by what we encounter in the world around us, completely  forgetting it was us that commanded it into existence in the first place.

It is of course useful to consider as many belief systems and mathematical explanations as possible when forming/creating our viewpoints/realities! This is how we learn and experience ourselves as fractals of Oneness and therefore we can accept that they are all valid and therefore ‘truth’ in their own right. How can anything NOT BE TRUE from this understanding?

But, and here is the paradox, even though they may  all be ‘true’ what I really want to do today is highlight how easy it is to simply ‘inherit’ the belief systems and emerging theories of those before and with us now (including what you are reading right now!). What I want to emphasise is that we don’t HAVE TO do this. We don’t have to ‘wake up’ and then adopt a theory of meaning or being that someone else is putting forth even though it feels the natural thing to do. I want to create some traffic lights with this article to remind you of your Sovereign choice you have over what reality you want to create via your chosen perspective:

You know, I can almost feel aspects of my ‘ego’ self protesting in alarm as I write those words. The one that wants to hold tightly onto an orderly view of reality correlated by others, that is predictable and consistent because that’s what we experience here. What the hell are you thinking? She is asking – You think you are powerful enough to let go of all belief systems that come before you?

Well yes, surely we do have that ability on some level – because we are Sovereign and we are Oneness. And we always have that choice to integrate (form reality) or let go on some level. The very fact I can imagine it and write it and share it with you must mean that choice exists as a potential reality/timeline. Everything we choose to believe and experience is a choice, and that choice or belief will usually stem from a belief system or paradigm that has floated up in our reality from ‘other selves’ as we eternally bounce ideas off each other, our differing perspectives bouncing off the walls of Eternity. (We obviously don’t have anything better to do with Infinity, than this. Coffee anyone?). 

If we are indeed quantum universal beings –  (and this too is a perspective, yes scientific – yet science as a discipline creates theories of reality based on observation – observations quantum and larger scale are necessarily affected/determined by the observer and the period of history we are observing from i.e current belief systems. The rabbit hole just gets deeper!) – then we have multiple choices of timelines and universes in which we can tap into to continue living out our current point or concentration of consciousness. Cynthia Sue Larson’s work is one prime example of a ‘truth’ that we can indeed leap into other realities that are at least similar to ours simply by changing our frequency. Could we also leap into realities that are completely different – i.e different physics, laws of being etc? Wow. Why not? If we can imagine it, the possibility MUST exist somewhere in the infinite? The question is, would we ever WANT to let go of every paradigm/viewpoint that we see around us? Most of us wouldn’t because it’s freaky to imagine a Carte Blanche like that. Most of us kinda like what we’re doing right now (or else perhaps we would’ve left already). Plus it reminds me of the word ‘unhinged’ it definitely seems useful (from my perspective) to hold onto these current paradigms that help me experience being me at this point in the fabric of Infinity.

Is this scary to consider or empowering? Or perhaps it is both? It may feel safer to ‘feel we know something’ or that we ‘are getting closer to knowing stuff’ i.e truth seeking! It is definitely more challenging to embrace ‘knowing we don’t know’ because it also raises the ultimate question how much will we know and ‘will we ever Know It All?’ If someone answers yes to that, I’d ask how do you KNOW? Equally if someone answers no, I would ask the same question!

One thing I am experiencing is a deep and grounding feeling of inner peace and stillness  the more I encounter and embrace the theories of truth arising around me (both intuitive and scientific) and at the same time happily yet paradoxically, integrating these viewpoints  ‘knowing that I don’t know’… perhaps this is the only truth I need to know/or require at this point in the continuum of the infinite and there is something incredibly blissful about realising that.

Go on! Hit me with your thoughts!

Naomi CookNaomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed, which is a global movement aiming to increase cosmic and unity consciousness, inviting Awakened Starseeds’ and the Cosmically Conscious to sign up to join and re/pro/claim their inter/galactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to spiritual transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ after her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, suffering catastrophic fallout after the surgery – you can buy it off Amazon here.

She is a Philosophy graduate and blogs her contemplative journey to health and wellness at www.nursenaomi.com. Her empowering health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at www.thelittlebushnurse.com.  

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her energy healing skype consults here.

She loves everything and anything Cosmic, Figure Skating, Dark Organic Chocolate and Bunnies. 

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One thought on “Why I am not a Truth Seeker

  1. You’re absolutely brilliant. I find it a miracle i found you and your project. I left a message in your facebook messenger. I’m Michael. From Sacramento Ca. My facebook is under different name. (I’ve had a fear of posting things online in the past.) I’ve not been able to sleep tonight due to all the information I keep stumbling on. I think I am newly awakened. I’ve always been quite narrowly scientifically minded, so I cant believe this all seems so damned familiar and sensible to me now.
    Anyway, I’ve been so paranoid about other “starseed websites” being scams, mainly because the high pressure sales approach to their ideas. Thank all there is (i just learned that expression-heh) I found you. I’ve read your story. You cant imagine how comforting your pages have been. You seem so normal! Ha! Look forward to more conversation. God bless you and THANK you. Michael


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