Star Family Integration – Where will they stay?

Always incredible – Artwork by Vasha Narada at This is the Sassani group, Bashar’s group who is channeled by Darryl Anka. Bashar talks frequently of ‘contact’ and the hybridisation of his and our races.

A quick intro in case it’s your first exposure to our Star Family Integration Project:

We are at a stage in our evolution where it is natural to begin discussing the next step – the integration of humanity into the galactic community and the integration of star family members and cosmic colleagues here on Earth. To do this we need to tap into our most powerful innate programme for co-creation, our ‘imaginations’ fuelling them with the energy of unconditional love for the best and highest outcomes:

As I’ve discussed before, it appears that the best and highest Star Family Integration process would most likely evolve on a grassroots organic fashion with Starseeds who are energetically ready for face to face contact (4D, I follow the understanding that we are ascending from third density to fourth density, more to come on that) to begin the process of physical and frequency integration of Star Family members and Cosmic Colleagues.

See this for a discussion on why at this stage of our spiritual maturity grassroots integration is initially preferable to ‘global reps’ and governmental facilitation of extra-terrestrials into humankind.

See this for a more thorough discussion on why we are discussing the concept of Star Family Integration in the first place…

As discussed before (see this for information on The Invite) – the highest frequency invite we can extend to our families and colleagues that we are ready to begin co creating the road to Earth’s integration into the galactic community and the physical 4D integration here on Earth of 4thDensity ET’s is an invite/ beacon in the form of Unconditional Love. Not only does unconditional love provide a platform for free will (energetically unconditional love is coherent frictionless waveform data – non attached to outcomes) to unfold but it also provides the highest frequency ‘power’ possible for co-creation to occur in the best and highest good.

The Star Family integration project is an ongoing, grassroots movement open to participation and input from all cosmically conscious beings who are living out their highest excitement by putting their energy into it. All we need to progress forwards together is an open mind, active imagination and the ability to act upon our highest excitements using heart energies as the fuel to actualisation.

Preliminary Thoughts on housing of Star Family members and Cosmic Colleagues:


  • Star Family integrate in small, alternative eco-communities where there is shared space and a strong thriving community environment. These communities have strong bonds and cohesiveness that may be attractive and most familiar to 4thDensity ET races. This approach could be useful for ET races with less humanoid features or races in earlier stages of human-ET hybridisation where it is felt other human communities are not yet ready for contact with less humanoid ET species. The ‘not ready’ state however of those surrounding communities is dynamic of course and  would in my opinion change rapidly (100th Monkey style!!).
  • Star Family integrate in financially and politically independent communities that are yet to be created such as the Venus Project and Seasteading communities. Some of these communities have the advantage of being able to create their own constitutions (or let’s scrap that ‘loaded’ word and say guidelines!) – hopefully ‘love’ based with focus points and priorities shifted away from mainstream dramas and dog-eared karmic backlog – they are bravely co-creating a ‘New Earth’ which may again be familiar to and attractive to our ET cousins. This may again relevant to ET communities with non humanoid or less humanoid (early hybridisation) as contact and integration can be kept (temporarily and dynamically) ‘separate’ from others who aren’t initially vibrationally or psychologically ready for this type of integration.
  • Star Family integrate with Starseeds on acreage who have space for supportive equipment and room for temporary housing units/modules brought in from off world, ‘Farmstays.’ These Starseeds have physical space to offer yet still remain within the ‘constraints’ (perception only) of the mainstream political and financial systems, this is beneficial to more humaniod ET’s who are keen to ‘seed’ their frequency in these areas and co create change from within, propelling old Earth into New Earth frequencies. I would imagine this suiting predominantly humanoid Star Family members.
  • Star Family integrate in urban areas with locally well connected and influential Starseeds ‘on the ground’ who have ‘space’ to home limited numbers of Star Family members who are in less need of their supportive, off world materials: ‘Homestays’. From a 4D perspective, space and storage options will be less available here, potentially along with initial privacy for beings that have some less humanoid features, or hybrid beings such as Bashar’s predicted “first contact” group. So this option is best suited to humanoid Star Family members and colleagues. From a frequency perspective in these high density areas (population wise) we can imagine a decent knock on effect in instigating high vibe community change via morphic resonance (the positive Trojan Horse analogy).
  • Star Family lodgings remain ‘in the sky’ /in a different dimension yet members come through/down daily to practice the onset of their integration into Earth’s atmosphere, Earth frequency and our frequency. They may visit any of the aforementioned communities and farm/homestay accommodations.

Legal Integration?

From a third density ‘legal’ perspective – as far as I’m aware – there are no laws specifying that interdimensional and extra terrestrial visitors are illegal here on earth, although I do recall coming across this concept once when reading something about American law, so please do enlighten me if you know more about this.

There are however clear laws that specify that ‘non nationals’ are illegal without documentation, visas etc. So how can we forsee getting round these 3D barriers to lawful Star Family Integration?  You may say ‘well all that will sort itself out in our Ascension,’ and to a certain extent you are right. However it is still right and helpful for us to discuss these ‘barriers’ or hiccups in our vision for Star Family integration together now as we ascend and co-create these changes. We are still connected to the fabric of a 3D mindset – although many are transitioning to 4th Density embodiments and more expansive states of consciousness quite clearly there is some way to go. Because we are discussing Star Family Integration RIGHT now, it is therefore useful to discuss, frankly and openly, how to iron out these hiccups in visions of our future and present timelines by doing so we are taking active steps to dissolving the ‘problem’ itself.

From my own personal perspectives I can see that the adoption of a Permaculture principle here would come in handy: “The problem is the solution”. Using my imagination I can see how I personally would navigate issues of ET citizenship as when the issue arises as we literally FORGE the pathway to formation of the concept of Cosmic Citizenship by dealing with it. I have some ideas for things we can do now in preparation, but I’d love you to brainstorm and ‘imagine’ your own solutions. The main thing is, if we  deal with these hiccups in a loving, organic non fearful manner, the solutions will necessarily be ‘foolproof’!

Once the Star Family Integration  process has commenced and ‘word’ is getting out that we are integrating physically and energetically with our cosmic cousins, things will continue to escalate and change, so long as we co-create from a foundation of unconditional love and we can be assured that we will know what to do in  all circumstances. I prefer not to go into ‘fear filled’ visions of what may go wrong with the facilitation of Star Family Integration but at some point it will be necessary to get concerns ‘out in the open’ and discussed freely without judgment.  I do believe is that integration will occur when we are energetically ready (i.e in a state of love, no room for fear) which will absolutely then impact upon the co-creation and actualisation of this timeline. It is perhaps for this reason that Star Family integration hasn’t yet occurred if there are elements of fear still present. We can mull over this together.

Thoughts on Staggered Integration

Staggered integration may occur i.e hours/days/weeks of visitations, increasing in frequency for a gradual integration process. This will be relevant to what work/projects unfold between Star Family members/Colleagues and Starseeds involved in facilitating their integration. We can assume that Star Family members are being trained to cope with Earth frequencies and energies in preparation for integration, but adjusting will be a process not an event. It will also challenge the Starseeds involved in this integration process as their frequency (and the frequencies of those around them) will automatically change as a result of this type of interaction. The type of ‘work’  or projects waiting to be actualised between Star Family members and ‘on the ground’ Starseeds may become clearer over time – memories may come back, imagination/dreams/highest excitement will play a role in assisting Starseeds to develop their ideas on ET and local community integration along with what sorts of projects will organically unfold from this exciting integration.

Don’t be Shy

Don’t be shy to give your input and insight to this ‘practical’ side to the Star Family Integration project. By talking about this process we are taking steps to its co-creation – ideas get tossed around, discarded, moulded and taken to the next step. This is how dreams become reality. Because the foundation of these plans lies in the energy of unconditional love we are open to future and further insights and allow things to unfold freely in a non-restricted manner. Listening to our dreams and flashes of inspiration will act as a guide to us as we take these next steps with this project.

Coming soon: Introducing and Integrating Star Family Members into the local community: Tactics, ideas, storylines to imagine and co create. And more about LOVE.

Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed, which is a global movement aiming to increase cosmic and unity consciousness, inviting Awakened Starseeds’ and the Cosmically Conscious to sign up to join and re/pro/claim their inter/galactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to spiritual transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ after her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, suffering catastrophic fallout after the surgery – you can buy it off Amazon here.

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Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her energy healing skype consults here.

She loves everything and anything Cosmic, Figure Skating, Dark Organic Chocolate and Bunnies. 

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