Extra Terrestrial Diplomacy and the Star Family Integration Project: Why Humanity isn’t ready for a Global Rep and Why we don’t need one

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A few months ago I invited Starseeds interested in the concept of co-creating Extra Terrestrial – Star Family integration to get in touch to join a new long term initiative by Project Starseed.

We have shifted into a cosmic age, as humans are awakening in rapid succession, many ascending into 4D quickly, the new era in our conscious evolution allows us to see ourselves as Cosmic Citizens – Starseeds –  Multidimensional beings.

*Read more about the long term project to work towards facilitating and co creating Star Family integration over the next 5-15 years (first article: Grassroots Movement, second article: The Invite)

As discussions grow longer and deeper on the concept of meeting and greeting our off world neighbours in order to go forth and coevolve together, we are seeing some groups question: Who would be a suitable representative for humanity in this new cosmic age?  Michael Salla in his fascinating and brilliant book “Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET” discusses two tracks of establishing galactic relations, the first track to diplomacy being via Governmental official’s and the second track establishing galactic diplomatic relations via a private citizen led approach: that is to say establishing diplomatic relationships with ET’s via private individuals rather than the traditional official ‘earth’ channels such as governments and world leaders.

I absolutely agree that Salla’s track two approach (citizen led diplomacy) is by far the better timeline to manifest here I will address some issues with this approach and explain how and why no single ‘group’ of humans (no matter how ‘good’ they are) can currently act as a diplomatic representative on behalf of others on the globe, be it humans, animals, not to mention the consciousness that is Mother Earth herself.  I will be arguing that the concept of establishing political, diplomatic relationships with Extra-terrestrials as it currently stands is actually a restrictive concept built on fear that belongs to a 3D mindset and one, that belongs in 3D past, not the unfolding 4D present.

To move forwards as I describe would need a complete paradigm shift – where the human mind must disengage itself from all it knows and has seen before with regards to interacting with beings (human or otherwise) outside of their immediate social circles. Although there is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ about the potential “principles of negotiation” that are frequently highlighted as essential initial talking points for official ET – human relations (in fact most of the points I’ve seen online and those mentioned in M.Salla’s book make absolute and perfect sense). However I will propose an alternative viewpoint on the establishment of relations and therefore the official or at least, traditional concept of ‘diplomacy.’

I’ll be explaining how this paradigm shift would manifest as an alternative route or track to establishing Extra Terrestrial integration here on earth – Star Family Integration which, if you are reading this with massive interest, may well be one of the reasons  you have personally incarnated: Not as a diplomat but as a family member – a cosmic soul in human form, anchoring your Star Family’s energetic lineage here, ready to take the next step and welcome your cosmic family down for Integration, Coevolution – the purpose being a reunion and decision to coevolve together onwards as opposed to meeting with difference as the foundation thus requiring the development of regulations, the formation of Treaties, Agreements and “lawfully” prescribed ways of interacting with our cosmic neighbours in the form of externally imposed rules.

By the way – I also believe there is no right or wrong approach to this – only a choice of preferred timelines and the recognition of our ability to co-create them…

An Approach to Extra Terrestrial-Human Relations as Loving Reunion? Isn’t this a bit woo woo?

The approach that I am going to describe could come across as spiritual woo woo to mindsets that haven’t yet ascended to an integrated 4th D experience – beings in 4D act and move from the Heart Chakra energies – unconditional love. I can see this viewpoint might appear overly optimistic, non-realistic, non-grounded and intellectually weak to individuals still enmeshed in 3D mindsets. To those still attached to historical ways of behaving/doing in 3D past this, as a vision for a future timeline, won’t seem ‘real’ or remotely realistic.  However for those who have began to embody the realisation of the infinite power available when creating from a foundation of blissful unconditional love, this article may well resonate (and I’d love to have you join Project Starseed).

In a nutshell, when there is the recognition of shared Sovereign Heritage and the foundation of Unconditional Love as basis for all we do – we can scrap the 3D concept of ‘diplomacy’ and it’s energetic baggage of 3D past and move into an era where mutual love and respect form the basis of relations. The rule then is that there are no rules, except mutually loving interaction. This is not to say that certain expected behaviours evolve, but their evolvement is organic (rather than imposed) due to this foundation.

So let’s have a more critical look at my main concerns with a timeline that accepts the concept of a Global Rep – even one that is a private citizen/group of private citizens who are doing good for Earth. I think we can ALL agree that a timeline where ET integration occurs via current official – and shadow –governmental channels is one we want to avoid!! That is, until as a race we co create a more unified organically evolving system where ‘rep’s are interchangeable, harmonious partakers of the groups they represent, (hmmm, my dreams for higher density “politics” is another discussion entirely).

Attachment to Diplomacy may be Fear Based

It is easier to project a 3rd Density mindset onto a future timeline of star family integration going off the same rules we have upheld up until this point in human history with official diplomatic relations because this is what we are familiar with. It is more challenging to the rational mind (yet natural for the imaginative mind) to think of other ways ET integration may occur. It comes naturally to think of elected (or not) representatives, official meetings, treatise, agreements/rules and then of course the inherent difficulties that are an integral part of that: Ownership, Boundaries, Attachment, egos that perceive one another as different and therefore in NEED of rules. Let’s consider the word ‘rule’ to start: a prescription of behaviour leading to an enforced way of being for the perception of some higher good – usually Order.

Perceiving a need for Diplomatic relations (anywhere, local or cosmic) inherently upholds Difference at its core and recognises that this Difference cannot be left alone to develop without guidelines. Therefore the continued presence of the ‘perceived need’ for diplomatic relations reinforce, highlight expand on and therefore perpetuate differences, rather than actively drawing upon and fostering innate similarities. On Earth Diplomatic relations are needed to create (the appearance of?)  flow and ease of communication to enable (the appearance of ?) peaceful coexistence and coevolution. Yet, this is ultimately an illusion – an aspect of our choice to experience the perception of segregation that is the 3D experience. On a spiritual level, we know Oneness – aspects (fractals) of a Source of all that is, expressing itself in an infinite myriad of ways. Therefore it is the entity that has forgotten this that needs the Diplomatic Scaffold to support the appearance of order and yet ironically further perpetuating our differences – and this fragile wobbly scaffold is rooted in a fear based consciousness:

What happens if we meet and greet beings that don’t look like us, or aren’t like us without guidelines, rules or treaties to guide us or refer to? Where would we be without our rules to tell us or them how to behave? Where would we be without our guidelines dictating how we or they must proceed? What’s the worst that could happen? The ultimate fear, most likely is the underlying fear of chaos, loss of self and ultimate disintegration. However by not realising this is the foundation of our 3D attachment to official diplomacy the concept is automatically accepted as the most sensible and rational way to proceed still on Earth and naturally then, to extend this routine or practice to our Off world relations which as you will see, isn’t what I personally visualise as the optimal 4th Density timeline.

In my mind, I wonder if this is why ET-Earth Integration has been delayed thus far, have our Star Families been waiting for us to move out of this 3D mindset that upholds the need for a ‘diplomatic prescription’ so that ‘orderly relations’ may follow? See what you think after you read more:

A Non Unified Species cannot be truthfully  Represented

Secondly and really importantly it is crucial to comprehend that a non-unified species cannot be represented: even IF (human) beings wanted to represent the rest of the Planet to do ‘good’. To fully represent a species this species must be uniform – wanting the same thing and asking for the same thing (Unity Consciousness – where one part IS the whole), this is clearly not humanity at the present point in time. To act as a rep for humanity at this time would be a sham representation and regardless of seemingly noble intentions is patriarchal/ parental “I am more spiritually evolved than you and therefore I know what is in your best interests,” regardless of the spiritual aspect to this desire which lends it some nobility, it is a controlling energy that belongs to an immature 3D past, not the spiritual maturity of 4D present.

This absolutely applies to the better of the Diplomatic tracks outlined by M. Salla. In track two citizen led diplomacy, M. Salla suggests that ET’s may forge diplomatic relations with private citizens who have ‘earth’s interests at heart – beings who perhaps know or see themselves as Earth Citizens rather than belonging to a certain ‘nation’. Of course humans that care for animals and the environment are much more spiritually evolved than parochial current Governmental Bodies and their dark, Shadow Governments with controlling negative agendas but the question still remains, what group, regardless of how ‘good’ they are could possibly truly represent a non-unified species?

A useful comparison here would actually be the very beings that Salla raises as  potential points of contact by ET’s: dolphins and whales – he acknowledges their sentience from the perception of an ET – they are more intelligent and peaceful than we are, he therefore raises the question of their being chosen for initial points of contact here on Earth. But would we as an entire race for example be happy to be represented by dolphins and whales? Do we feel they would have the ability to act on our best and highest interests? Of course not – so how and why should we believe we could not only speak and act on their behalf but also on behalf of our kinspeople who haven’t asked for representation? It is also worth mentioning here that ‘acting on behalf of Mother Earth’ is equally preposterous! What group of lower sentient species could dare to believe that they have the ability to form agreements and treaties on behalf an angelic celestial body that is a Planet?

To me the picture and answer is quite clear – we need to step out of and away from the paradigm of 3D past – realities where beings needed rules, guidelines to form the basis of interaction and look towards co creating a completely new fourth density future timeline – one where official diplomacy is moot as loving family integration forms the backbone to the organic formation of ET – Earth relations and Integration.

Without Official Diplomacy – What would Extra Terrestrial Integration look like?

As I mentioned above, due to our history of being governed and utilising diplomats as ‘rep’s it is easier to imagine this sort of behaviour continuing or branching into our up and coming cosmic relationships. However, I want to encourage you to start contemplating what such a timeline may look like without this official channel as a ‘governing’ factor in Star Family Integration;

When you let your imagine run wild, what do you see? How do we integrate with our cosmic cousins, neighbours, friends and family?

The picture for each of us will be different – however when the creation and forging of these relationships is founded in Unconditional Love the ‘need’ for a diplomatic scaffold to maintain/create Order, disintegrates. It is for this reason that I believe many of us are here – as Starseeds ‘planted’ here to firstly familiarise local and global areas with our specific Star Family frequencies. A clear reason of why many of us are waking up in adult hood with respectable years of life already behind us. We now have immense access to the rest of the world via the internet and useful social media platforms to communicate, unify and spread these frequencies. Once these frequencies have been introduced – (and might I add here this concept I’m suggesting here has also been alluded to in one of Bashar’s talks) the Starseed undertaking this task can awaken further aspects of themselves (DNA activation) to embody more and more of this frequency. Then, together as a project, group, collective and as individuals we manifest and co create a timeline where our star family members may integrate face to face here in our current density/dimension. In my original article I referred to this being akin to a positive ‘Trojan horse’ – this is us and how the initial grassroots integration may impact upon local and the global community structures, via a change to our collective frequencies.

Now because there are multiple Star Families and Starseeds potentially employed in this fantastic ‘operation’ (or should I say global and cosmic adventure) the picture will look different for everyone depending on how it is manifested and co created, not just here on Earth but also the co creations of our families or cousins patiently waiting for this to unfold.

I previously had to address the issue of lawful integration for my first article on this for Stillness in the Storm as the editor wasn’t keen to publish my piece in case it was interpreted as rebellious in a legal sense. However after further thought on my side I do not concur that not specifying lawful integration is an act of rebellion – so for this piece I chose to adhere to my dreams of organically evolving 4th Density Organisational Systems unfolding to ultimately  replace current 3D Governmental models BUT I also dare to say that I do not believe Star Family Integration occurring before this shift – to be unlawful. And this is why:

To see and perceive differences between us – be it bodies, spaces, planets, solar systems is an illusion and therefore not truthful.  Yes, I know for 4D and even in 5D we take on energetic forms that have an identity (for the sheer fun of it!) but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t capable of looking beyond that and recognising the truth of our shared Divine Heritage not just as cosmic but Sovereign beings. Therefore, there need not be treaties, or rules and regulations for Star Family Integration when we remember and embody this powerful truth, we flood our beings with bliss, love and act from there. There is no ‘out there’ anyway – it is all ‘in’ ourselves, just as the ‘boarders’ to our different countries here are ultimately meaningless in the grand existence of the cosmos, so too are 1. the boundaries between Space and Earth AND  2. the boundaries between one density, and one dimension to the next! When we can wrap our heads around this truth the concept diplomatic rules and regulations really do feel like cardboard props in a child’s game of ‘Let’s Pretend.’

But to put things back into late 3D early 4D perspectives – welcoming long parted friends and family – with histories of loving connection and respectful commitment in working for the best and highest good for all members completely eradicates the need for treaties, rules and agreements – families do not need ambassadors or diplomats to represent each other to each other: They talk, they listen and they love and work together, problem solving their challenges independently as things arise.  And challenges DO arise, we all know that!

I have in my own mind, my personal visuals of future timelines where this reality has the infinite potential to manifest, and the sensations of utter bliss that arise pop my neural circuitry every day, I know how this looks to me but:

The key question is, how would all this look to YOU?

CoEvolution and Integration – Letting Go of Your Attachment to Being Human

There is something this topic brings up with regards to Coevolution – after reading Alec Newald’s utterly incredible tale, “Coevolution” something really began to unfold in my mind. Star Family integration would ultimately mean Coevolution, (note Integrate and Coevolve share the same alphanumeric = 99) which means what? Breeding and reproducing our current genetic lineage with Extra Terrestrial races, there is no doubt this type of interaction would occur with both parties quite frankly highly curious to witness the outcomes: This means that there will be gradual change from ‘humans’ to a spectrum of entirely different races. At first the ego mind may feel funny about that – at the same time the ego mind may feel funny about sharing our living space – our home Planet “But isn’t it ours??”

We will have to lovingly recognise these feelings as a natural responses of a 3D human mind who is on the brink of massive and complete overhaul: It is ok to feel a twinge of attachment to ‘how things are’ but the truth is we’ve always been co-evolving and the Planet was never ours…

*By the way, some of you are probably wondering what my stance is on Negative ETs – and worry about a naïve loving 4th Density group being taken advantage of without rules? The fact is  the frequency is the protecting force – if positive, loving Starseeds are here to bring in their Star Families with loving, frequencies the lower vibe, STS ET’s cannot be pulled in…It is the perfect ‘plan’ in my mind, once we realise that the ‘dangerous’ lower vibe ET’s actually belong in the 3D mindset (one where diplomacy is seen as needed) it is clear these Negatives have  no role in forming 4th Density paradise on Earth. Perhaps more to come on that if people want it *

Boom! This resonates! So now what?

If you like this approach to manifesting the next step or should I say giant leap in our evolution as a species, get in touch – sign up with Project Starseed, then join the closed Facebook group  for members only and we will grow in numbers over the years, unifying, activating, supporting each other and co creating a dream timeline that unfolds from the depths of our highest imaginations – the pipeline, as Bashar says, to the higher mind.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Naomi CookNaomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed, which is a global movement aiming to increase cosmic and unity consciousness, inviting Awakened Starseeds’ and the Cosmically Conscious to sign up to join and re/pro/claim their inter/galactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to spiritual transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ after her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, suffering catastrophic fallout after the surgery – you can buy it off Amazon here.

She is a Philosophy graduate and blogs her contemplative journey to health and wellness at www.nursenaomi.com. Her empowering health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at www.thelittlebushnurse.com.  

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her energy healing skype consults here.

She loves everything and anything Cosmic, Figure Skating, Dark Organic Chocolate and Bunnies. 

You Tube Channel: Project Starseed

You can find Naomi and Project Starseed on Facebook here:









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