The Light Warrior Identity – Is it time to move on?

Do we need to fight? Some would say  yes we do, both in the name of defence as well to attack the ‘Dark Forces.’ Others, myself included, are adamant that being in the energetic state of ‘fighting’ or battling something is necessarily going to perpetuate whatever energetic state (and reality) is being fought: What you project – you perpetuate, “what you resist, persists.” Looking objectively at the language we choose to describe ourselves reveals how we choose ‘to be’ and what reality we are creating. Words are powerful-magical and help us form our identities – even down to the ‘spelling.’ How comfortable are you co-creating a reality – from now onwards – that spans densities and dimensions, perpetually themed with war?

After waking up I became interested to come across the concept of the Light Warrior particularly in ‘light’ of my own experiences here in 3D/4D where I was taught, almost brutally, that fighting would let to a perpetual cycle of the same. More on that below!

Today I’m going to pull apart the concept of being a Light Warrior. I will also analyse the meaning of being here, as an advanced spiritual being who sees they are here to ‘fight for the light’ and explain why I don’t think a Light Warrior could ultimately ‘win a war for the light’ whilst remaining attached to this identity and therefore remaining in the state of ‘needing’ to fight. I will also explain that once we are able to understand ‘what’ we are as co-creators and the powers we hold over our realities, the universal energetic rule that we ‘perpetuate what we project’  may well become the single understanding we can incorporate to finally Integrate – not conquer – the Dark, and ascend to a level of BE-ing that see’s fighting – be it 3D fist fights to 5D cosmic battles – as something akin to a bedtime story for children – all matrixes, (albeit of different dimensions) products of belief systems that no longer serve us.

What is a Warrior?

I don’t deny that relinquishing the age-old concept of being a warrior – of any type, (yes, the sovereign too) – will trigger some. It is possible that this concept of giving up the Light Warrior status might be more resonant in beings that have incarnated here from subplanes of the upper 5th and higher densities, carrying these truths as innate or ready to ‘actualise’ via 3/4D catalysts. Those who are still happily progressing through 3D to subplanes of 4D (and later, early 5th densities) may feel more comfortable seeing themselves as Light Warriors, and this is absolutely fine, since there is no real or ultimate hierarchy – only Oneness experiencing itself in a myriad of useful, and crucial states of being. 

That out of the way however, on a personal level, the word ‘warrior’ as a choice of words to demonstrate the actions of a highly advanced spiritual being has nagged me. A warrior is a fighter – and the ‘peace’ that follows war is questionable since it is brought about by conquer and subordination. It is peace gained via defeat and helplessness as a result of destruction, not voluntary, harmonious reconciliation and compromise.

A warrior can be someone who either attacks or defends others from enemies, unlike ‘soldiers’ traditionally warriors have been elevated to a certain social status being portrayed as brave – potentially risking their lives to help others, a form of service to others (STO). There is no real and true problem with this as history shows us, there have been many a reported tale of a brave or sovereign warrior defending the meek and helpless. In 3D past, this played a role in our growth – as it was a form of STO. However, I will argue that for those who wish to jump to a higher level of consciousness, holding on to this title is a barrier to achieving this higher frequency, prohibiting and delaying the graduation to Unity Consciousness, until the identity is surrendered. If we can conceive of a loving and peaceful way of solving our challenges, regardless of what density we are in or have come from, shouldn’t we all consider it? It doesn’t matter that our cousins in higher densities are not yet enacting this – in the middle of their cosmic wars – leave them be for now: We may have come from densities where we ‘know or remember’ smoother ways of doing things and therefore have come here to embody and spread this knowing. 

Why do we Love to Fight? And what my 3D lesson taught me about it.

The urge to describe many aspects of human life as a battle or war are somewhat ingrained within us; within our conscious and subconscious minds there is historical glory and honour associated with war, conquer, heroism, winning and so on.

Let’s look at my own 3D lesson that taught me to love, not fight the worst enemy I could ever have fathomed:  Brain tumours that left my daughter morbidly obese and fading away from me a little more each day. Like a Sovereign Mama Warrior I declared war on this darkness and each day was a battle – often against the medical system as well as her conditions – as I fought to keep her alive and with me. I began to win the battle for my light (my light being her life and health) until her cancer returned. In that hell – I was hit with the brutal realisation that she would never, ever be ‘healed’ so long as I was fighting for her because that was only teaching her to fight what she saw as an enemy within. Even unawakened I could sense the paradoxical energy about this. An incredible shift unfolded and I began to fall in love with our situation from her brain injuries, to her medical conditions to the stubborn patriarchal doctors that wouldn’t help me. When I shifted my perspective from her poor health prognosis and began instead to love – peace rained down on our house and everything began to shift and change with it because for the first time in three years, we did not hold the vibration of fear, resistance or defence in our beings. Please note, this shift did not lead to a passive approach with my daughter, I continued to WORK for her health and wellbeing (and I still do, daily!) but coming from a place of love it become a work of love and gratitude, no longer a frustrating series of battles within a greater war. You can read more on my transformation in my memoir ‘How She Healed Me.

But for those who haven’t had a “Love Shift” and still hold ‘fear of’ in their vibrations what next? Even Yoga has the famous ‘warrior’ poses – this concept of the ‘warrior self’ is truly ancient. So why are we so attached to the idea of ‘fighting’ for everything and how can we let it go if we feel we are ready to progress spiritually to higher densities of unity? You may say well your daughter’s case is different, that wasn’t a real war, what about real wars and fights? I disagree – there is no difference between my war to keep my daughter alive and ANY war be it internal, external, local or cosmic: The energy of fighting or war is the energy of fighting or war – regardless of where it is occurring. And there is nothing that cannot be transmuted by the power of love. My experience was my worst imaginable war – a desperate mum watching their child fade away – for me – this was hell, so I have been there, visited and lived in hell, fighting to get out – but it was Love and then peace that opened my eyes to the truth that Heaven was here on Earth and I would find it by removing my armour, opening my heart to love.

If you don’t believe we have the innate, sovereign power to transmute and turn around anything by the power of love I urge you to look within yourselves and remember what and who you are. Remember too that we are creating our experience of reality every day, every moment, we have the power to decide if enough is enough ‘war’ (be it physical, emotional or spiritual, 3D, 4D or 5D) and start creating a reality that is fuelled by love, not fear of attack or equally the need to defend. Yet, as I have said, if you are attached to the need to fight – even if this for others (STO), then go ahead – it is your universe, your timeline and we all have free will to be who we want to be and progress through the subplanes of 3-4,5D at the pace we so choose and require for our growth.

‘As long as you can fight, you can remain in control of your environment. This reflects the greatest human fear – if there is nothing left to fight for, you may cease to exist.’ – Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

Are You a Light Warrior?

On discussing the light warrior concept many will want to bring in the Great Battle for Light that is cosmic and ancient, belonging to higher densities and different dimensions than our familiar and homely 3/4D. However this cosmic war for the light is only the next dimension of the same thing, the same mental battle or fist fight, just more grandiose and dramatic. Once this is recognized the need for this story as our backdrop and our collective identity itself may begin to disintegrate in your consciousness…

If we align ourselves to the eternal truth ‘All is One’ we cease to see the dark as separate from ourselves and we know then, that is it pointless to try and ‘make it disappear’ through conquer. We instead love, embrace and integrate it, in my opinion this process of transmuting ‘what appears dark’ into ‘what appears light’ is an Ascension in itself.  At some point we will all integrate dark with light but not conquer, there is no need to conquer unless a need is created, but the need will perpetuate further need which perpetuates further need and therefore a light warrior will always be in a state of needing to fight for the light – this is a Universal Law and how creation works: What we project, we perpetuate.

This is a big thing to say but, it is ALL brain candy – it is all a game we are playing as Source embodied as 3D and 5D and so on experiencing all we wanted. However we got caught up in it on all levels meaning then that all levels have become a Matrix, not just the 3D! When this truth begins to seep inside and become you and your understanding of SELF: The quiet is exquisite… you can finally BE like never before.

But what if someone attacks you?

How 3D does that sound after this discussion above? Yet we are here in 3/4D so it’s a valid question, let’s address it: This question shows an anticipation that there will be no change in experienced reality if our perspectives shift once we reach the level of vibration of acting from a state of Unconditional Love. Once we are capable of holding the perspective that fighting ‘someone’ is fighting ourselves, this necessarily transforms experienced reality. This perspective allows us to tackle challenging situations in a completely differently manner simply because our vibrations have changed, which leads to further change and ultimately a change to physically experienced reality. And this is something we can understand from all areas of our lives – not just literal punch fights or wars but internal battles, and a feeling of having to constantly overcome, conquer and fight for everything in our lives, from health, to work, relationships to our own inner thoughts and feelings:

‘Nothing shall be overcome. That which is not needed falls away…The reason it is unwise to overcome is that overcoming is an unbalanced action creating difficulties in balancing in the time/space continuum. Overcoming thus creates the further environment for holding on to that which apparently has been overcome.’ –The Ra Material, Book 1 The Law of One

But for those still stuck with ‘What if someone attacks you?’ this may help: Clinical Psychologist Carolyn Miller ( ) conducted her research on the transformational power of positive feelings in situations of acute danger – she accumulated multiple stories of individuals who avoided murder, rape and more through consciously projecting a higher state of awareness on the situation, she calls this mindset ‘Miracle Mindedness.’ This is fascinating and I feel is a form research that belongs to a higher density than 3/4D where the more immediate, rigid mindset finds this incredibly hard to fathom: Yet here it is, floating in our current reality, let’s learn from it!

What happens when we let go and stop fighting?

When we stop fighting and BE in love, we ‘go with the flow’ but this doesn’t necessarily lead to a peaches and cream existence. When we stop trying to force a stormy ocean to be calm, we must instead become a master surfer and learn to surf the waves. So letting go of the old warrior identity doesn’t mean that all will instantly become peaceful easy riding: some of those oceanic waves are huge, taking effort, skill and damn hard work to navigate. Many times we might nosedive, fall off, get pummelled by the surf and have to start all over again. But we have chosen to ‘go with the flow’ and that is riding out the storm that is our confusing, yet stunning 3/4/5D reality. This was and is the case for my daughter yet I can honestly proclaim that life has transformed in ways I had never thought possible since the Love Shift, when I dropped the Warrior Cape and filled our house with love.

This is our choice, and I hope that you, like me, are proud to be here right now embodied in this unpredictable reality we are co-creating. How many of us are ready to stop being at odds with the energies here – relinquish the ancient identity of being a ‘warrior’ eternally fighting an ocean that cannot by definition ever be calm due to our OWN creative energies – instead integrating, unifying and going with the divine flow? We may then discover that this very act will ultimately bring forth the calmer waters we crave – but let’s not attach ourselves to the outcome, because right now we just need to ride:

Now, let’s end this with a very controversial suggestion: Could it be so that a Light Warrior, attached to fighting for Light, will only ever see and experience the Darkness?

 Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed ( ), which is a global movement towards truth and unity consciousness, inviting ‘Awakened Starseeds’ sign up to join and claim their intergalactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ – you can buy it off Amazon here.

She blogs her journey to health and wellness at and her health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at  

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive/Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her an energy healing skype consult here. She loves everything and anything cosmic, figure skating, dark organic chocolate and bunnies. 

And, finally you can find her on Facebook here:





2 thoughts on “The Light Warrior Identity – Is it time to move on?

  1. Wonderfully stated! I really believe in transmuting the Dark to the Light. Took me an entire lifetime to GET it! Finally understood that I was drawing the vibration I dwelled on. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks helped me greatly. I gave up “fighting.” Now I send out my intent. I surround everything in crystal blue white light. I envision my white light expanding and swallowing the darkness. Absorbing it. I also had a life-changing series of events that brought me to the lowest point, and I was completely alone through it. I gave up fighting. Low and behold, everything shifted! Looking back now, I can understand what happened.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Who are you ?
    Where are you from ?
    Where are you going ?
    What have YOU found ?
    What did source gift you ?
    You aren’t enlightened if you can’t see how your idea to change the darkness will help the corruption, if you can’t see that you haven’t even completed the first lesson. You are on the single path, the path of one. Thats why you don’t understand. A warrior is experienced, centred, strong and prepared to sacrifice the self. You are not a warrior because you haven’t earnt the knowledge. Don’t, in your naïveté, change the darkness to light. The ‘Warriors’ need that. You’re ego has you believing things you don’t understand, but telling you you do. You’re feeding other people information that has no root.
    So, who are you ?


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