Personal Integrity is your best form of Psychic Protection – Eliminating Fear Based Consciousness

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As a Registered Nurse I was surrounded by Germophobes, and I was the proudest, most obsessive Germophobe of the lot, my alcohol gel scented handshake was proof of that. After my Kundalini Awakening and training as an Energy Healer I encountered a different type of Germophobe in the Energy Healing world: The Negative-Energy-o-phobe. What I learnt was that in the same way I used to be afraid of germs, many ‘spiritual’ and psychic people were deeply afraid of negative energy, entities and all things that carry a low vibration. So much so that akin to my handbag obsessively packed full of alcohol gels, these individuals used symbols, crystals, ‘golden’ light (I was poignantly informed that white light wasn’t ‘strong’ enough) and they applied certain rituals to clean and protect themselves from negative energy.

This never resonated with me – I knew, I just KNEW, to the very core of my being that I was always protected simply because ‘I knew who I was’ and that, like every one of you, is the same: An infinitely divine, immortal, infinite aspect of All That Is. I simply couldn’t see the point of cloaking myself in golden light when I knew myself To Be that golden light. Yet amongst my peers at the time I felt rather like a black sheep for not participating in rituals to protect myself from the negative energy they felt so threatened by. This prompted an internal exploration to look at why I believed my Personal Integrity was my strongest psychic buffer.

What does it mean to have Personal Integrity?

I’m not talking about morals and ethics here (although they are naturally related) but the definition of Integrity as being ‘in a state of wholeness’. When there is a break to skin integrity there is a pathway for pathogens and therefore infection to enter the body, this break to integrity can result in dis-ease and disease.

I want to extend this concept to our Energetic Integrity – when in a true state of a wholeness – a state where we are truly aligned to our inner divinity we have impenetrable integrity:  we are in our knowing that we are omnipotent aspects of All That Is – ‘death hath no dominion’ over us. But when we are talking about Energetic Integrity we are not talking about germs and breaks to the skin we are talking about changes to our vibration that can bring about a lack of integrity. So what causes a break to our Energetic Integrity?

Fear Consciousness

Supporting a fear based consciousness is the surest and quickest way to puncture your energetic wholeness and bring about a break to your Integrity – not because you cease to be Omnipotent but because you ARE omnipotent and everything you say, everything you believe will come to be so. Our reality echoes our thoughts, belief systems and paradigms – and a reality that allows psychic dangers and perceives negative entities out to get us, psychic vampires and low vibrational attachments will duly appear the moment they are manifested into our reality via fear based thoughts. Fear is the lowest vibrating form of energy and it is “fear of being hurt/wounded/killed” that prompts us to take ‘extra’ measures for psychic protection. The low vibration of fear punctures our state of wholeness – our Integrity – and the cascade of all expected and unexpected negative psychic experiences will unfold into our realities.

But isn’t invoking psychic protection a way to stay energetically clean?

There is a difference between rituals for energetic purity and hygiene like aura cleansing and energy healing work to heavy protection rituals. Working on energetic cleanliness I see as similar to taking a shower morning and night; these are refreshing actions celebrating our form, re-setting our intention to stay aligned to our Inner Truth and Knowing and they therefore positively reinforce our Luminescence or Divinity. Whereas the OCD (obsessive compulsive) form of ‘energy protection’ I see as akin to leaving your house every morning with a bullet proof vest, armed to the nines with guns and knives to protect you from the baddies. Or from a germophobes perspective, leaving the house with a face mask, a billion hand sanitisers, disinfection air spray and latex gloves in case anyone wants to shake our hands. This has nothing to do with being pure and clean, and has all to do with fear based consciousness.

As Paul Selig channels ‘“I know who I am” is a claim of truth…the Divine Self can hold no fear. Because she holds no fear she does not require to protect herself from it because that would be an engagement with fear itself…You are given the illusion of freedom by fear, in most cases. It is a trickster…when you build the bigger bomb you are told you are safe. When you follow the rules, you are told you are safe.’ – The Book of Mastery

Holding up the Mirror

We are keen to see ourselves as victims to circumstance – victims to so and so’s low frequency, victims to the state of our bank accounts, victims to how our lives are unfolding. But the uncomfortable truth we all have to face on our quests for truth, light and wholeness is that there is absolutely nothing that exists in our current realities that we have not willed here nor manifested here without our agreement, conscious or subconscious. This is the responsibility we must take due to our Sovereign Heritage to All That Is – and this extends from our day to day 3D reality to ancient Cosmic Reptilian Wars and… the Integrity of our Auric Fields. Once that mirror is held up and the truth of our divine nature embraced we can simply forgive all that and move on – in wholeness and in full Integrity. Once we are truly aligned with what and who we are – there is no room for fear based consciousness, no need to be afraid of the illusory experience of things that appear to be negative ‘not self’ beyond our physical bodies.

The Mathematical Significance of “Integrity”

I personally understand that the integration of our darkness with our light to be a form of Ascension – interesting then that the alphanumeric (i.e the numbering letters of any word from a1-z26) of Integration and The Ascension are 132 and doubly interesting then that Integrity is a word that extends to Integration; implying the bringing together of light and dark into a state of wholeness. Integrity also contains the same alphanumerics at 127 as Inner Alchemy – which to me depicts the aspects of inner work we undertake as we fully realise What and Who We Are. And note too that ‘Integrated’ is 103 with the word ‘Enlightened’.

Consider too some of the synonyms for integrity: Unity, unification, coherence, togetherness, cohesion, solidarity.

Keep Your Psychic Tools if you Need Them

Because I know you are omnipotent – I know that you will still need your tools of psychic protection if you are not fully aligned to your sovereignty and hold fear in your vibration. So long as you believe you are at risk you will be, so long as you believe you need psychic protection, you will do. So I am not saying you should scrap your favourite methods of psychic protection unless you have reached a solid state of Personal Integrity and to a certain extent have Integrated and Ascended to a level of Self Unification – acting in full knowing of What and Who You Are.


Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed ( ), which is a global movement towards truth and unity consciousness, inviting ‘Awakened Starseeds’ sign up to join and claim their intergalactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ – you can buy it off Amazon here.

She blogs her journey to health and wellness at and her health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at  

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive/Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her an energy healing skype consult here. She loves everything and anything cosmic, figure skating, dark organic chocolate and bunnies. 

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3 thoughts on “Personal Integrity is your best form of Psychic Protection – Eliminating Fear Based Consciousness

  1. Agreed. I want to take this moment to say thank you for making this site and by the looks of it I can see that you are deeply empassioned to make it accessible, elegant, and informative and fun! I also want to take a moment to share a noticing that because I am in an area of the country USA that is … let’s say … 3D stagnated … I keep this part of me less visible or really don’t speak of it at all lest I be projected all over. That said, I like the WordPress forum and I shall be interested in remaining in contact with my star sisters and brothers telepathically and digitally.


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