My diagnosis with an incurable disease was actually a Spiritual Awakening

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Read the story of how this Registered Nurse and Energy Healer’s ‘Visual Snow’ – a newly discovered, incurable medical condition – turned out to be the onset of a Spiritual Awakening and Clairvoyant abilities.

Is ‘Visual Snow’ a form of Energy Sensitivity?

‘Can’t you see that?’ I gestured wildly to the confused Ophthalmologist. ‘The air! I can see the air! It’s dancing, little dots – all around us…or,’ I swallowed nervously, ‘…Is it just me?’

A few years ago I hugged a terrible secret: I thought I was going blind. I thought that the stimulus to this unfolding blindness was related to the stress of my daughter’s brain tumour and catastrophic fallout. I thought because what I witnessed on a daily basis was so desperate, so full of suffering that, quite literally, my ‘eyes’ couldn’t take it anymore, I simply did not want to see. There are examples in our human history where individuals have become blind after witnessing atrocities. But, in my case the story unfolds very differently:

It started with a change in night vision, rather than seeing outlines in the dark, there was an increasing amount of ‘static’ kind of like you see on television that has no signal. I ignored it and thought maybe I should eat more carrots. But then the static appeared in the day time too, mostly obvious when looking at blank spaces. Then lightning flashes started when I closed my eyes or when blinking, reminding me of a time I was thrown off a galloping horse as child, losing a couple of seconds of embodied ‘time’. Then patterns in carpets and pictures came alive, beginning to move and swirl – I could see that nothing was still, there was movement everywhere. Simultaneously I began to see light halos around objects and a fuzzy ‘field’ around things. When I would move my eyes to focus on something else the outline of the object I’d been looking at previously was imprinted in my eyes and I’d see them superimposed ‘over’ whatever else I was looking at.

Guilty of my secret I didn’t dare tell anyone for fear of ‘making it real,’ until one day, gripped by terror at the sight of a swirling wall, dotted with pieces of ‘air,’ I made an appointment to see an Ophthalmologist who specialized in Neurology.

‘Your eyes are perfect,’ he said. ‘But there is a new medical condition that is becoming more and more common, it’s called Visual Snow, this is what you have. Here’s a leaflet on it, go read it – it’s incurable.’

There is some information on visual snow but not much – the Guardian recently did a story on it and summed up this nice little paragraph:

“People who experience visual snow commonly describe their field of vision as like an old, out-of-tune television. Others describe images persisting after the visual stimulus has left, dragging or remaining in the field of vision as a kind of negative space (a disturbance known as palinopsia). Squiggly lines and flashes of light are also consistently reported. Impaired night vision, photosensitivity and tinnitus are more rare effects.”

excerpt from, The mysterious eye condition of ‘visual snow’​

Other sources refer to psychological aspects of the Snow such as temporary disturbing sensations of ‘depersonalization’ and ‘derealization’ – that is to say, often feeling ‘out of their bodies’ or that things ‘aren’t real.’ It is important to note that these conditions are classified as being a ‘mental disturbance.’

In the taxi on the way home I felt sick – my daughter was fighting for her life, and needed me to lead the battle and I had now been diagnosed with an incurable medical condition that hampered my ability to ‘see’ the world. As far as I could see I didn’t have negative psychological aspects – yes, I sometimes needed a ‘body’ break when my daughter was having particularly bad day and so I would just by instinct let myself ‘float’ a little. And I frequently wished that my life ‘wasn’t real’ as I’d run and hide for a few spare minutes in my walk-in wardrobe whispering ‘This isn’t real, this isn’t happening,’ although unfortunately for me, it still felt damn real. And as for tinnitus…I’d had that off and on my whole life, if I was being honest I could always hear white noise, noticeable mainly when I was in a quiet room.

Fast forward five months – a dramatic and unexpected Kundalini Awakening turned my world around and upside down, in a good way. My awakening was spontaneous precipitated by painful, intense rushing of energy out of my hand chakras when holding a crystal, my daughter’s birthstone. A whole new world dawned as I discovered that I wasn’t a mere mortal being of flesh and blood but an eternal soul, embodied and incarnated, just like every one of you reading this.

With the huge energy surges rocketing through my body my intuitive and psychic abilities sprang into action – Clairsentience (ability to feel energy) and Clairvoyance (the ability to see energy: ‘See clearly’) were the most notable and I received instructions on how to develop and refine these abilities. It was one evening, lying in bed, playing with energy between my hands that I noticed the shards of energy shooting off my fingertips – like grey static. In the day time, I could now easily slip into a concentrated clairvoyant state and see my beautiful billowing Aura in the mirror. Then I released that what I could perceive as a density in the air around me wasn’t ‘snow’ due to an incurable medical condition but the unfolding of the incredible gift of clairvoyance:

“Energy is everything and everything is energy” – and we are 99.99% space…

Quantum physicists are exploring the notion that we do not exist as solid objects at all, but potentially exist as ‘ethereal’ in nature, our reality holographic, brought into manifestation by thought, intention and perception. What if the characteristics of visual snow are not ‘mental’ and psychological disturbances but can take the individual a step closer towards a deeper truth – a ‘truth’ on what and who we are? It is a meditative practice to still the mind so much that one ceases to be separate or ‘personalized’ but felt to be a continuous aspect of Divine Oneness, could this be related to the de-personalization aspect of Visual Snow?

Other aspects of the condition interest me from a Spiritual perspective, in my online social circles of the Spiritual and Awakened there is much talk on ‘ringing in the ears’ being related to ‘Ascension’ or spiritual growth. It is also felt that by those working on their psychic abilities that it is possible ‘to hear’ the frequency and vibration of objects and this may manifest as a tinnitus-like sound. Both myself and my daughters experience crystal energy as a rushing in our ears. Considering the giant leaps in our consciousness as a race right now on Planet Earth, is it a coincidence that whilst we are ‘waking up’ in our multitudes there is this surge of people diagnosed with this ‘disease’ that may reflect our increased spiritual, intuitive and psychic awareness? Because of the dominant role of medicine and science in our society and self-understanding, rather than exploring its potential spiritual significance we have instead done what we know best and medicalized the condition, further frightening and potentially disempowering those with it as they carry a belief that they are ‘sick.’

I understand that my perspective may not be appropriate or fitting for many who have been diagnosed with this condition but I would like to prompt others to consider what I have to say. We are progressing so fast with our awakenings and it is time to break away from purist medical understandings of the human body, embracing some of what the Quantum World is suggesting – where, I personally believe we will find our ‘Power’ again.

I am immensely grateful to have this visual and auditory reminder that, here incarnated and embodied in 3D things are not as they seem…and when things ‘hum’, when lines squiggle and sliver lightning flashes in my eyes I get a heavenly glimpse of our immortality and divine origins – a truth that once embraced teaches you that really and truly, there is nothing, nothing to fear.

Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed( ), which is a global movement towards truth and unity consciousness, inviting ‘Awakened Starseeds’ sign up to join and claim their intergalactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ – you can buy it off Amazon here.

She blogs her journey to health and wellness at and her health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at  

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive/Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. You can book for her an energy healing skype consult here. She loves everything and anything cosmic, figure skating, dark organic chocolate and bunnies. 

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4 thoughts on “My diagnosis with an incurable disease was actually a Spiritual Awakening

  1. My eye dr called it an “eye migraine”. He really had no answer for why it started, how, etc. I had extensive testing done but my eyesight was totally fine.
    This started about 2 or 3 years ago. It freaked me out because I thought I was going blind. It started in my right eye. A few months later it happened in the left eye. It comes on all of a sudden & leaves just as quickly as it comes in. I already had clairvoyance so I’m not sure why it was happening to me. Thankfully it hasn’t happened in over a year if I remember correctly. Glad I’m not the only one & that there is a little more information on it now.


  2. after reading this yesterday, had the epiphany today that i’ve been going thru this for some time… i always thought it was my blood pressure going up… i get sparkly, pixelated colors around the outside of my eyes… kind of reminds me of an old kaleidoscope… is that similar to what you explain?


  3. I’ve had this for as long as I can remember (born in 1990). I remember asking my Dad (when I was around 7-8 years of age) one day if he could see it “Look dad, why is everything static like a T.V?” and he had no idea what I was talking about or what to say. Years later, and recently, I was talking to a friend about Visual Snow at the local pub, and he said that he could see it too but had forgotten about it until I reminded him; this is also a friend I met through a very fateful night, where I was attending another friend’s 21st birthday (which I almost didn’t go to since I had work the next day and was feeling emotionally down at the time), if that’s of any significance. We are now very good friends to this day.

    I like it and don’t see it as a “disease”, but rather a part of who I am. To me its the energy field of our “reality”, which we cannot separate ourselves from at a fundamental and spiritual level.


  4. A great read and very comforting as I relate on so many levels. I’ve been very different my while life. Aware and very observant, I noticed the snow my entire life and releasing something was strange once getting correctional glasses in 5th grade made no improvements. I also had a kundalini awakening In 2011, releasing that I was an indigo child unaware that my third eye was open my entire life, waking as a starseed. It was only ever the static, but then came the ringing and other phenomena. The static evolved and I started qigong energy work. There are “things” living in the static now. Like magnetic insects swimming through the air. The static changes depending in what I look at, as if I can see the density. Magnetic Waves echo of objects with translucent prisms intertwined within the static. It doesn’t bother me, besides the disconnected feel. I want things to feel real. I try to help people in VSS groups on Facebook, because there are people who want to commit suicide because of it, but get made a fool. They all want to see “normal” and at times I wish I could see crystal clear because I never have, but even more so, I wish more people could see what I see.


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