A Vision for Grassroots Star Family Integration – Will you Help?

This was originally published on Stillness in the Storm. 

I want to start openly discussing my vision regarding preparations for welcoming members of our star families and cosmic neighbours to integrate here on Earth and therefore pave the way for Earths’ integration into the Galactic and Intergalactic Community.

Many of us starseeds may have incarnated here to help facilitate Star Family landings and the grassroots integration of these families into local then broader communities, if the very concept of being an ambassador of this sort is of passionate interest to you, then you may be one of them! Considering there are millions of incarnate starseeds here right now, there will be a large majority of others to whom this concept is of no interest which is perfectly fine and they are simply incarnating and living in tune with their chosen genetic blueprint. No one is ‘more starseed than someone else!’ But for those starseeds who have an instinct of being here for this event, (and I am one of them) let’s start talking openly about our visions and the process. Below are some of my own insights into this, but this is only one perspective out of many so please use your own discernment – time will further develop and refine things but meanwhile, my vision and truth on this matter need not be yours and there is no reason you must resonate or identify with anything I am proposing.

When will the Star Family Landings Occur?

There are two ways to consider this question and the first way is to look at “dates.” The Mayan Prophecies reveal a meeting of ‘timelines’ around 2032 which may be considered a potential time for star family integration. The ET ‘Bashar,’ when channelled, has suggested a similar date with regards to this time saying that there will be an awareness then that ET-Earth interactions have already occurred which will pave the way for what he calls ‘Open Contact’ – that is to say, hundreds of Starships appearing in the skies.

Meanwhile other groups have suggested other times, for example the Extra-terrestrial Civilisations Scientific Research Network – ECSRN.

have specified that May 2018 will be the day that millions of Star Ships will enter Earth’s skies and they are working with “Telepathy Centres” encouraging all humans to connect with ET’s, to pave the way for a ‘First Contact’ (by this they mean ‘open contact’) next year.

But – let’s let go of dates for a moment and consider this from another perspective. The other way to consider this question is to put it within the context of timelines and manifesting: as co-creators we hold considerable power over what we want to experience and create – to what extent do we have the ability to manifest Star Family integration during our lifetimes? And when? Reality Shifter’s Cynthia Sue Larson states that her greatest examples of quantum jumps or reality shifts have occurred when she has ‘wished’ for something with love and then remained unattached to the outcome. We see this similar train of thought in some teachers of the Law of Attraction – that to manifest what we desire, we must be clear on what we want, fuel our dreams with joy and love (emotion) then stand back and let go of how the universe responds. Bashar also speaks of living in our highest excitement, using the power of the imagination as a communication pipeline between the higher and physical minds…Are we excited and passionate enough about experiencing ET-Earth integration during our own lifetimes to be able to manifest it? I know this perhaps IS my highest (ever) excitement, how about you?

To build on that point I’d also like to bring in Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance which is a theory deeming there is an ‘ease of learning/acceptance’ the more others have done the same. The more people that do something, the easier it is for others to adopt the same pattern of thoughts, behaviour, learning patterns. Note, that this occurs completely in the subconscious, so it is possible to impact on the consciousness of everyone and anyone (we are all connected…we are all One!).

So! Let’s say we decided we wish to manifest the onset of Star Family and cosmic neighbour integration on Earth within the next ten years and we decided to manifest this by singularly and collectively wishing for it and falling in love with the idea, thus fuelling it with emotion. Would it be that by doing this together our dreams/manifestations could increase in potency and strength due to the increasing ease in which they occur due to Morphic Resonance? That is – our collective ability to manifest star family landings over the next decade could get easier and easier due to the collective effort of manifesting the occurrence, and due to the fact we are all interconnected? Note that according to Sheldrake’s theory this would impact upon the subconscious of those who’ve never even considered ET-Earth Integrations. I feel this integration as a positive Trojan Horse – a Trojan Horse full of loving beings who are in alignment with their inner truth and divinity. In my vision, we, as incarnated Starseeds are part of that Trojan Horse.

How will Star Families Integrate?

I differ in visionary outlook to some, but I believe I am not alone in feeling intuitively, that Star Family landings for Earth integration would run beautifully smoothly if they are initially grassroots. The collective consciousness, thanks to Hollywood and most likely negative Government agenda’s has primarily been rooted in a Fear Based Consciousness with regards to ET contact that occurs on a grand, public level. We are exposed to movie scenes of great ships hanging low in the sky, public chaos and the threat of war and harm from extra-terrestrials with military powers stepping in to ‘save the day’ via destruction. It is laughable to think that loving beings of a higher density would consider landing a great big ship over the White House expecting a friendly and loving integration on Earth.

*Note – I’ve said loving beings – this article is about our Star Family integration, cosmic brothers, sisters and cousins.

Secondly, when there is a dramatic appearance of countless ships in the sky – it is worth considering, who gets involved first? The authorities! If these ET beings are our own star sisters and brothers – with whom many of us would say, we connect with daily via telepathic communications, in dream states and out of body experiences, how would it make us feel knowing that access to these members of our families would be controlled by the authorities who agendas we may currently not favour? I for one do not resonate with this vision, in fact, it makes me feel rather ill…

Next, consider this channelled piece by Jean Ederman, it isn’t new yet it recently re-circulated Facebook, ‘Do you wish that we show up?’

“Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships. A unique cultural shock in today’s mankind’s history. It will then be too late to regret not making a choice and spreading the message because this discovery will be irreversible.”  (http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/09/12/an-alien-message-to-mankind-do-you-wish-that-we-show-up/)

This picture is similar that of ECSRN – who also visualize that first physical ET contact will appear via the appearance of uncountable ships in the skies. Is a culture “shock” such as this in humanity’s best interests? I do not propose to know what IS in humanity’s best interests (I don’t think anyone should propose to know) but from conducting my own inner work and reflecting on my own growth I am hesitant about a vision that has a ‘shock factor.’ Firstly a large part of collective consciousness exists still very much in a state of victimhood – and I do believe the risk of deifying ETs of a higher consciousness could inhibit those from fully realizing and actualizing their own inner power/sovereignty – I personally do not believe ETs should or would come to ‘save’ humanity from itself – we must save ourselves. The concept of ‘being saved’ by a higher species risks stunting the unawakened in their own spiritual journeys.

What about Lawful Integration?

With current Governments, whose negative agendas most of us are familiar with, the very idea of Star Families landing in order to connect to world leaders in order to go forwards in bringing Earth into the Galactic Community is so contrary to my own intuition, it practically freezes my heart chakra in motion. Yet, in order to fully integrate Earth with the Galactic community there ultimately needs to be a lawful, united process whereby the ‘people’ help to transform current world leadership into a system or model that truly represents the best interests of humanity thus paving the way for a united smooth transition into the Galactic community.

Note, I am not an expert in this area at all, but again my current feeling is that this process would begin grassroots. A crude or rough outline of how lawful ET integration could occur here may look something like this:

-Grassroots groups/communities (first in theory and then in physical ‘pockets’) of starseeds interested in ‘inviting’ Star Family for Earth integration. These groups manifest, communicate and prepare for the next steps.

– Once global groups are established they may focus more on actual unifying physical 4D community activities – the ‘Thrive’ movement comes to mind. Close community contact facilities communication, respect and unity.

-These communities become self organising ‘micro communities’ (thank you Justin D for that term!) which via their unity and therefore strength/power have the ability to educate and inspire the broader communities (this again may be local and physical but also online education and communication would play a huge role in reaching others).

-This grows to the extent that whole communities unite with a similar interest/s to the point where they positively impact upon local then national governments = positive change in our leadership and policies.

– Finally the ET/Star Family Integration movement goes Global and Earth becomes ready for Open Contact. 

I want to be a part of this! What is my first step?

If there are readers here interested in exploring the concept of Star Family integration and with whom my current vision resonates I would encourage you to sign up with Project Starseed (www.projectstarseed.com)   – which as a global movement to bring forth truth, cosmic and unity consciousness has an implicit role in contributing to and facilitating Star family landings and Earth – Galactic integration.

Although we will be communicating with our cosmic cousins we won’t be relying on our them to prescribe the best course of action – they are waiting until WE know what we will do (actually, perhaps until we ‘remember’) and how we will do it. This is our time, a sort of ‘coming of age,’ and so it is up to us to put the building blocks in place and it is up to us to secure the foundations.

As I mentioned above, there are other projects aiming to facilitate this very same thing, the ECSRN is one worth looking into. Although their vision is completely different to mine, I am personally interested in their work and I would contemplate involvement once it is confirmed their intentions are good and pure. Even though my own ultimate vision is very different, I still have the ability to continue to manifest my own visions while supporting the visions of others that have pure intent. Ultimately I do not believe in a right and wrong – but I do believe that we will manifest what we need or require for our incarnation goals – and imagination will be the key player in determining how it all unfolds and the timelines we choose take to unfold these visions are infinite.

Love, peace and namaste to you all, please get in touch with ideas or expressions of interest – sign up with Project Starseed and let the planning begin.


Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed, which is a global movement towards truth, cosmic and unity consciousness, inviting ‘Awakened Starseeds’ sign up to join and claim their intergalactic heritage. Sign up here.

You can now read Naomi’s memoir ‘How She Healed Me’. This memoir documents Naomi’s dramatic story of the fallout after her daughter’s brain tumour and quest to keep her alive followed by an unexpected Spiritual Awakening. Buy the book here or on your local Amazon

Naomi blogs her journey to health and wellness at www.nursenaomi.com.  Her health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at www.thelittlebushnurse.com.

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer (Skype sessions available here) as well as a mum of two little girls, four guinea pigs and two bunnies. She lives in Sydney Australia and loves organic chocolate and figure skating. 

You can find her on Facebook here:





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