Star Family Integration Project: Our Invitation

Preparing for Star Family integration is one of Project Starseed’s ongoing works. Read: A Vision for Grassroots Star Family Integration first. These posts will be part of a series of posts on this concept and Planet Earth’s Integration into the Galactic Community.

Do we write an invite? Sit and meditate? Group and meditate? Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea 3D style?  Formulate a written invite and stick on the internet 4D style? Do we mark an X marks the landing spot?? Or do we simply go outside and have a chat with the sky?

A vision I shared for Star Family Grassroots integration piqued the interest and passion of many Starseeds/cosmically conscious beings a couple of weeks back. I was truly excited to see that there is a strong interest and therefore energy in this movement and project – provided we do the groundwork, this excitement will help fuel it’s manifestation as we co-create it. There is a lot to think about and discuss but for the first part of this series I want to look at The Invite – what makes this initiative different from perhaps anything else I have come across with regards to ET landings and integration is the theme I’m proposing for The Invite.

*There are many Project Starseeders involved with this ongoing initiative and I am not speaking for them here. No one is under pressure to ‘agree’ with the details of this specific aspect of the overall vision*

Transformation Inside-Out

Collectively, as a global community we are not yet united – this is ok. It will happen over time and we here to help facilitate unity and eventually human kind will ascend to Unity Consciousness in a higher density of being. There is no hurry – everything is as it is because it IS – don’t fall for the fear based messages of ‘time is running out’. Linear time is merely a perception – we will into perceived existence for our temporary convenience. Anyway back to my point – currently in our 3D-4D environment we have pockets of humans working together and other pockets at odds with each other. We have humans dedicating their lives to helping the Planet and others still cloaked in ignorance at the damage done on a daily basis simply through ‘living’ here. Therefore, we are not yet in a position to globally call for Star Family Landings in the form of grand Open Contact – thousands of ships in the sky. Even though as awakened beings we may feel we are individually ready to meet and greet our sisters and brothers, we cannot claim this is in the best interests of others who are still unware they are ‘sleeping’ in a restrictive matrix and limited 3d reality.

I proposed in my first piece on Star Family Integration it makes sense for Star Family Landings to occur first on small scale, small groups/pockets/micro communities, a form of Grassroots integration that I compare to a positive Trojan Horse. We, as awakened Starseeds are part of the Trojan Horse, here to change the frequency of Humanity from the Inside Out, not from the Out – In.  An inundation of ships appearing in the sky is the ‘Out –In’ approach and carries an enormous risk of the stunting the spiritual evolution of humankind. Most of us will agree that our Star Families are NOT coming to save us, we are here to ‘save’ or to use a better word, ‘transform’ the human race, from the core – Inside Outwe are the ‘immunity response’  to how things have been unfolding here, we have the sovereign power to change things ourselves as embodied humans thus hopefully creating an eternal transformation. The alternative risks the development of a timeline where countless ships in the sky with ‘shock factor’ ET introductions lead to either a widespread fear response or ‘star struck’ humans that deify the ‘godlike’ ETs from higher levels of the fourth density.

Current ET Contact Approaches

Approaches to contact ET’s are plentiful and ongoing both individually and collectively. We will all be familiar for example with Steven Greer’s fantastic global movement calling for working groups who together focus on ET contact. Many of us feel we communicate daily through meditation, remote viewing, OBE’s, dreams and so on. However with this movement we are anticipating a step much further along than ‘contact’ via a ship citing in the sky or insight/visitation in meditation but the actual physical integration of our 4D cosmic families here on a grassroots basis.

In my first piece I mentioned ECSRN ( ) whose approach to the onset of ET – earth integration  is pretty much the polar opposite to mine in that they envision ships will appear in the sky to  reveal the truth rather than the truth emerging and evolving from within humanity and from shared human stories as per my grassroots vision. However there is another key difference to ECSRN’s approach and my own and that is the nature of contact – I am aware that the founder of ECSRN has had positive emotional involvement with the ET’s with whom he has had telepathic contact, which is encouraging! However, his website outlines an approach which is specifically motivated by scientific interest with the focus on contact experience via telepathy being for scientific exchange. There is nothing wrong with this – clearly there will be much scientific exchange when integration occurs. However, calling for integration in the name of scientific exchange, is not the flavour of my vision, neither is calling for integration for healing, help (as discussed), neither for ‘the good of humanity’ nor simple curiosity. The main flavour of The Invite in my vision is instead an infinitely powerful emotion that has the power to transform and transmute our entire reality as we experience it. When manifesting and co-creating with this emotion as the foundation and core nothing could ever go wrong since it is the perfect essence and creating power of Source itself…A energetic welcome beacon in the form of Unconditional Love.

The Grassroots Invite: “Come in the Name of Love”

So simple it may initially seem absurd that the energy of love could be the strongest magnet or beacon to our star families – sharing that we are ready to meet again and progress onwards together. In order to ‘see’ this invite fuelling this movement forming a possible timeline and reality the ultimate power of Unconditional Love must have been embodied and experienced – once Unconditional Love has been experienced, understood and embodied, it’s ineffable power is ‘known.’

But there is also science to back this up: Love energy, from the Heart, is Golden Ratio. Phi, or the Golden Ratio is ‘love’ in the form of creation, from spiral galaxies to the whirlpool draining from your bathtub, patterns in nature on earth to the patterns of the universe and cosmos around us.  It is the macro and the mirco of all that we see, it is coherent, frictionless waveform data without inference – demonstrating, in my artistic mind at least, the necessary aspect of ‘free will’ that is inseparable from the energy of Unconditional Love– ‘no strings attached’/ no wave interference. Alphanumerics a=1 z=26 also show us that the sum of 141 equates to The Phi Spiral, The Source Code, Prime Creator – THIS is what Love Energy is! Therefore this concept of using Unconditional Love as a magnet or beacon for the invite is relevant then too to our higher dimensional relatives who have already understood this universal language/code/geometry.  Note too that many modern urban planners, designers, artists and more embody golden ratio within their designs and work – they may be unaware of the significance of this, but it represents a massive shift in our collective consciousness which will continue to snowball in our ascended 4D world.

Please feel free to disagree with me if this concept isn’t resonant, but my own feeling on this is that reaching the stage where we are able to formulate an Invite or beacon in the form of Unconditional Love this will be seen as a sign of spiritual maturity by our Star Family members: Such love has no conditions, no attachments, no needs – this is an Invite pure of heart inviting free will to unfold in the purest and most perfect of environments which will always inherently be, for the best and highest good of all.

There may be some ‘self work’ we will need to carry out before we can transmit this beacon/invite, with complete purity. This will be the content of my next article.

How to broadcast this Loving Invite?

As part of the Grassroots Star Family Integration Project (an ongoing work carried about by some Project Starseeders) for those participating in whom this concept resonates we will be participating in group meditations and using the signal of Unconditional Love as a beacon to our Star Family members that we are ready to take the next steps to integration. At the same time, any one participating has the right to formulate their own method of invite – as I’ve said before there is no right and wrong, just infinite timelines, each subject to our imaginations and highest excitement.  However of course, any one is free to send this loving invite out into the cosmos at any point in time, it is our 4D minds that enjoy the concept of a semi physical connection within our concept of space and time – hence group meditations with times and dates. The ease at which we learn to project this signal will increase over time, the intensity perhaps too as we increase in numbers united with our pure intentions and the wildest wishes we have the courage to not only dream about, but act upon.

Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed info here, which is a global movement to bring forth cosmic, truth and unity consciousness, inviting ‘Awakened Starseeds’ sign up to join and claim or ‘proclaim’ their inter/galactic heritage. Sign up here.

Naomi has recently published her memoir on her journey to transformation ‘How She Healed Me’ – you can buy it off Amazon here.

She blogs her journey to health and wellness at Nurse Naomi and her health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at The Little Bush Nurse.

Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive/Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer living in Sydney, Australia. She loves everything and anything cosmic, figure skating, dark organic chocolate and bunnies.

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